Thursday, July 11, 2013

A little update

This will be an extremely short post as I´m just documenting the Monday – Wednesday between Hannah and Steve´s visits. Nothing particularly exciting happened and so am documenting this purely for my own records, so feel free to move on as you wish!

On Monday I was given a small project from my original department, Internation Receiving, and so had a very busy day juggling all 3 departments. Having lots of work meant that the day went really quickly, which I personally much prefer, even if you are working to several different deadlines. That evening I’d arranged to meet a girl called Julia, to do a German Tandem. We met near my house after work and went for a drink together. It was surprising how much vocabulary was ‘tip of the tongue’, that before would have just been flowing, after only a couple of months of not speaking German. She spoke such good English that I was a little embarrassed at first, but once I got into the flow, it did start coming back. Speaking German makes me inexplicably happy, plus I need to keep it fresh for going back to uni in October, so this will definitely become a weekly thing.

On Tuesday I went to lunch with the younger customer services group again. Although I can now follow much more of the conversation, I’m still far from being able to contribute much myself, and so made the decision to go back to eating lunch with the older group that I always go to breakfast with. I know it probably seems a little strange that I would choose to eat with that group rather than a group more my age, but I’m just so aware that I have a limited time here and need to prioritise getting as much speaking practice in as possible, and when it comes down to it I’m able to speak and be involved with the conversations a lot more with that group.

I met my Spanish tandem that evening and was also very happy to finally be able to pick up my repaired laptop!! It was actually quite shocking just how reliant I’d become on it and how much I’d struggled without it, but I’m putting that down to ‘Year Abroad’, being away, as in a normal situation you would see and speak to people on a much more regular basis. I’m also blaming being without laptop for the best part of 3 weeks for part of the reason(/excuse) why I’m so horribly behind with this blog…
On Wednesday I felt a little strange at work, but didn’t want to mention it to anyone in case they thought I was considering pulling a sicky the next day (when STEVE came!!). Instead I told my tandem partner I couldn’t meet and went straight home after work to relax and make sure that I was on top form for when Steve arrived the next day!!!

And this concludes the post. As you were…

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